Time Saving Tips For The Perth Digital Marketing Guru

For a digital marketing company, every day is different and presents its own new set of challenges. Whether you’re getting your head around the latest social media planning platform, keeping up to date with your content, or designing and implementing your latest kick-ass strategies, you can feel like a juggler with one too many balls.

Anyone at a digital marketing services company can run the risk of chasing the clock and finding themselves out of time – so we decided to find some ways that you can claim back some of those minutes so your day can be more productive, and you can spend more time with your feet up.

Use Timers

If you’re tackling a job with an open time frame, you’ll probably find time to check out the news first, or to ponder it thoroughly and slowly before heading off on a coffee break. Timers such as this can help you to put time limits on your tasks, and drive you to dedicate yourself to that task once you know that the timer has started.

One At A Time

Multitasking is a buzzword, but don’t take it too seriously. It’s been proven that we are much more productive when pursuing one goal at a time, so create a list of tasks and complete them one by one. Online tools like Wunderlist make this quick and easy to manage.

Cut Out The Background Noise

Whether you’re in an office or at home, or in a shared work environment, it’s important to cultivate the triggers that will distract you from the work mounting in front of you. Whether it’s a house music playlist, Airplane Mode on your phone, or a closed door, there are plenty of ways you can step back from the distractions and tune into your tasks as a digital marketing company.


If there are small jobs cluttering up your time that you feel could be effectively handled by someone else, find ways to outsource this. There are websites like Upwork where you can find quality freelancers with proven track records of work ethic, and the categories range from web developers to virtual assistants. If there is someone in your team who you can work with on tasks, take the opportunity to relax the reins and make the most of their fresh perspective.


You can’t do everything, all the time. Make reasonable expectations of yourself, and don’t neglect your own mental wellbeing by driving yourself into the dirt.

Make The Most Of (Outstanding) Web Tools

Automate social media posts, reporting, and other tasks that might usually take up more time than they need to by finding the online tools that can benefit you. This can be a slippery slope though – there are some tools out there that have been designed with best intentions but simply don’t live up to the hype and could cost your more time and money.