Why Mobile Video Advertising is Necessary

The technological barriers are almost gone, and mobile video advertising is developing faster than desktop. There is no surprise that Smartphone usage has skyrocketed and is expected to continue doing so in the future.

With the growth of mobile usage, marketers and advertisers have started recognizing the potentiality of video content in this tech-savvy world. Now, it’s up to the advertisers, when and how much they want to catch up with this growing trend.

Although, TV commercials have not vanished completely but digital advertising has emerged as an important segment among the younger generation. Digitization is also an outcome of the growing availability of 3G/4G data plans that are fueling a spike in video advertising through apps and mobile sites.

Thus, looking at the rise in Smartphones and its usages, marketers, and advertisers need to start thinking about; how their content will look like on a mobile device.

Listed below are few reasons why Mobile Video Advertising necessary:

1. Video boost conversion & sharing

“A picture is worth a thousand words but a video tells your whole story”.

If a particular video ad is found interesting and valuable by the users, it is more likely to stimulate purchase. While an engaging mobile video ad also encourages users to like and share the content among their social group, which is likely to increase the video exposure.

2. Video appeals to mobile users

Since people today, are more likely to watch videos on the go, the number of Smartphone users are also increasing. This is because video appeals more personally to the mobile users than the plain text. Today, the audience wants to see the products in action rather than reading a long written description. A mobile video ad makes the customer feel special and personally connected to a particular brand. Thus, businesses should start trying mobile video advertising platform like moLotus to reach and engage maximum number of audiences.

3. Better and Higher Engagement

Since video ads are highly engaging and interactive, it tends to outperform other traditional marketing channels. They have the capacity of empowering the marketers; to maximize their impact of engaging their customers at the right time with the right ads. Mobile video messaging platform like moLotus is perfect for better and higher customer engagement. It is an innovative communication medium that saves huge cost and time. It is Malaysia’s best mobile video advertising platform that works on all type of the handsets without using any app or internet. Mobile video customer engagement platform is a popular medium that helps businesses automate and transform their marketing processes while keeping all the important data secure and spam-free. Its revolutionary system sends personalized and high-impacting up to 40 seconds audio-visual content directly and instantly to the customer’s phone inbox, keeping them engaged, delighted and loyal.

4. Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Marketers have the opportunity of tracking their viewers’ action during a particular ad campaign, for better optimization. By using moLotus, advertisers can optimize their ad performances via its real-time tracker and make desired changes to the campaign for a better result. Its highly interactive platform help advertisers control their ads competence and success, like never before.

5. Videos Generate better ROI

Though video production is not the cheapest means of communication, but yet, it pays off well in return. Besides, using different online video formats marketers can also try mobile video messaging platform that helps keep the consumers delighted and retained while generating higher revenue, better response rate, and increased ROI. Moreover, with mobile video advertising, media buying has also become automated leading to a tremendous increase in its efficiency. It allows advertisers to reach larger audiences, which is not possible via traditional marketing means.


The Role of Mobile Video Advertising in a Promotional Mix

While planning on the latest marketing strategy, where would you prefer to list your advertisement – newspapers or digital marketing platforms?

According to today’s scenario, chances are, you would go with digital marketing approach for better customer reach and engagement.

With the evolution of technology, marketing strategies have also developed. No longer can a business solely rely on the traditional communication channels. In order to reach and engage a maximum number of customers, digitization is important. Consumers these days require more attention which marketers must deliver.

Types of Mobile Video Advertising

Online marketing is highly effective, full of creativity, and is easily adaptable. Mobile video Advertising is one such effective means of digital communication that is leading the market for over a decade and is expected to continue doing in the future.

The most common forms of digital marketing include:

● Text ads

● Image ads

● In-app ads

● Call-only ads

● Video in-app promotion ads

● Video Messaging Ads

There was a time when businesses put costly marketing campaigns, for their brand promotion on traditional channels. But with today’s digital resources, marketers can efficiently optimize which online medium works best for their business and modify them as per the requirement.

Marketers and advertisers can follow these simple yet effective steps to drive profitable growth:

● Maximize marketing ROI on all types of investment;

● Capitalize on rapidly changing customer buying behavior;

● Include interactive, engaging and new means of sales growth; and

● Stay one-step ahead of competitors with new online business models.

What is Promotional Mix?

Promotional mix is a blend of methods used by companies to deliver: brand and product messages to its target audiences. Advertising, selling, direct marketing and public relations are among the common components of a complete promotional mix wherein, advertising is the most important method that requires a large budget. And with the growing need of digitization, mobile video advertising has become the most prominent and cost-effective medium among the others.


One of the strongest distinctions between mobile video advertising and other traditional forms of promotion is; it has better customer engagement capability. It not only attracts customers’ eyeballs but also keep them engaged, retained and loyal. A rich multimedia mobile video messaging platform like moLotus delivers interactive greetings, wishes, offers directly to the user’s phone inbox which could be viewed anytime without using any app or internet.

Brand Management

The central purpose of any advertisement is; brand image development and its maintenance. Building and retaining a brand image is highly crucial for any successful business organization. Mobile Video Customer Engagement Platform helps companies establish their value and credibility among their customers. It is a personalized medium that delivers high-impact up to 40 seconds rich mobile video content instantly and directly which are phone screen optimized for both vertical and horizontal viewing. It also helps businesses automate and transform their marketing processes while securing client’s data from any kind of spamming. Mobile video messaging platform is an innovative and highly interactive medium that also helps brand demonstrate their products and services effectively.

Create Value Proposition

As marketers, your value proposition is a blend of products/services benefit and the price which you offer to a particular target audience group. Mobile video advertising helps businesses base their values on top quality, low price with unique design. Marketers and advertisers have full control on what kind of ad message they want to deliver, to which set of audiences and when.moLtus messages do not disappear like traditional ads but, remain in user’s phone till he/she delete it. This enables customers in analyzing; why your brand has superior value than others at the same time creating better brand recall for the products and services.

Active Communication

Unlike traditional marketing channels, mobile video messaging platform is an effective two-way communication medium. Its rich media content consists text, image, voice, video, links and multiple response options i.e., SMS, URL & Calls. This makes brand-customer interaction efficient and simple as compared to other forms of communication. Herein, the receiver can immediately get connected with the desired brand regarding a particular ad – no app, no internet required.